65L Interactive Display

Superior picture quality and interactivity.


65L touch display
Charger/Power etc.
Screener ready to use
Help & Support services
Return-to-base warranty


Download Specification Sheet for 65L

*This device requires a media player.


Optional upgrades

Active remote monitoring
Content management 
Pre-flight of content
On-site commercial warranty
Installation & mounting
3G Networking 

Additional software modules
+ Contact Management
+ Email Marketing
+ Catalogues
+ eCommerce
+ Analytics & Reporting

Every business is unique. Every business has its own needs. We offer analytics and service-level agreements to ensure coverage suited to your business requirements.


Support is available throughout the entire journey, from exploring our solutions, to roll-out and ongoing for a small business or enterprise level.

Screener is supported by a dedicated and professionally-trained team. 
About the Device
For maximum impact choose the 65" screen, available for use in a touch or non-touch environment.
Versatile and well-suited for
Home, small business, enterprise, signage & digital media, retail or finance.
Technical Specifications
1512 x 882 x 58 mm
(56.5 Kg \ 47.5 Kg)
Screen Resolution
1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio

To see the 65L in action, contact us for a demo and pricing. 

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