Your own personal App store

Every account gets its own private App store, preloaded with the latest Core Apps. This puts you in control of how your fleet receives new Apps and updates.


In tandem with the personal app store, every device has built-in over-the-air updaters that regularly check and ensure that the right apps are installed, and the right version of ScreenerOS is installed. All updates are silent and fully automated.

Create, manage and deploy custom apps

Don’t just rely on our Apps, create your own and load them into your App store via the API.

BYO Peripherals

Use Android’s Accessory Developer Kit, Arduino, Phidgets, or straight USB connections to connect all kinds of hardware add-ons. Build and deploy Android apps that talk to the hardware and leverage the html-native API to trigger content changes based on peripheral events.

HTML <=> Native messaging layer.

We provide a special API that allows you to send and receive native Android intents via javascript in the running content. This means you can trigger, or respond to hardware events that are driven by peripherals.

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