Easy to setup

Zero-config. Zero-setup.
Just ready-to-play,
straight from the box.


Highly scalable

Millions of events across thousands of screens…
Screener™ is built to handle the load.

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High availability

Built to endure… with self-healing,
remote command and device alerts.

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Get the benefits of Android, without the headaches of device lockdown and security. Our devices come pre-installed with a specially-crafted version of Android to make this consumer friendly Operating System stable and secure.

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First class API

Our customers find our APIs exceptionally easy to use and they should, we built all our tools and integrations using our own APIs to ensure they are first class.

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High performance content

Whether it’s HTML or native apps, Screener™ is built for content. With an embedded web server and secured Firefox & Chromium browsers to choose from, you can leverage the latest browser technologies, with zero-latency.

That means continuous playback no-matter what happens to the web connection

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Extend & update

Software evolves, and so should your devices. Every account has a private app store preloaded with the core Screener apps, and every device has OTA functions baked in so we can deploy OS and App updates within minutes.

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Respond & report

Every device sends back regular detailed health and status reports covering everything from hardware temperatures and memory usage to content playback status.

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Access to our reseller portal enables you to take full control of spinning-up and managing Screener accounts for your own customers and our support team and tools are ready to help, should you need it of course.

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