Embedded HTML server for highly reliable, zero-latency content playback

We were not satisfied with simply relying on HTML5 cache manifest, so we embedded a web-server directly in our devices. This means you are guaranteed fast, zero-latency playback regardless of the state of the network.

Customised Firefox/Chromium browser base

Don’t rely on web views! We have updated the full versions of the latest Firefox and Chromium browsers for Android with security fixes and enhancements so your devices will play your HTML content in glorious full screen glory using the best browsers on the market.

Schedule & Deploy Content

Create looping 24/7 weekly schedules of content. Choose between online urls, offline playback, or native Apps. Offline content uses git repositories, or ZSync tar files to sync your HTML code down to the device so it can be played through the local web server.

One-Click Content Syncing

Because we use git repositories to manage offline content, and every device continues to pull once a minute, a single push to your master branch can see 1000 devices updated and playing new content within minutes.

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