Rich telemetry data set (from hardware to content)

We track and report on a wide array of device health and status metrics - passing this data straight into our time series database giving us a full and fine-grained history of the performance and health of a device.

Automatic Alerts

Let Screener alert you when a screen in your network is not right - Whether it has gone offline, is using too much memory or the battery is about to fail, you can receive notifications immediately. We even integrate with PagerDuty for enterprise level monitoring and on-call scheduling.

Event reporting

Every device gets its own timeline thanks to the event log. Our apps, and 3rd party apps, can tap into the EventLog framework in order to post timestamped event status back to Screener - whether it's useful information (content sync status), warnings (javascript warnings and errors) or actual errors (complete with stacktraces for debugging).

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