Retail Signage & Engagement

  • Locked down tablets/kiosks - completely secure for public use.
  • Update prices anywhere — anytime.
  • Create product wish lists that can be sent to a customer’s mobile via SMS. 
  • Run ‘loyalty’ and ‘just-in-time’ promotions in-store.
  • Interactive screens for customer self-serve.
  • On the spot/roaming checkouts. 
  • Mobile POS payments.
  • Endless aisle e-commerce.
  • Easy integration with peripheral devices - payment devices, scanners etc.
  • Enterprise level secure platform.
  • Cloud-based, scalable management.
  • BYO CMS.  Easy integration with your current web CMS.
  • Choice of hardware, tablets or touch screens.

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Coles Supermarkets

Convenience. Compliance. Advice.

Vendor-funded, and driving consumer assurance and sales — OpenHealth instore kiosk is a convenient and trusted approach to deliver pharmacy-style analgesic advice to the supermarket shelf while enabling customers to share information via SMS and email or subscribe for more information.

Magento + Screener

IE Agency have just launched Foyer, enabling retailers to control in-store signage instantly directly from Magento.  Magento is the leading e-commerce platform for fast growing retailers in the Internet Retailer 500.  Foyer is built using Screener. 


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A walk through of the interactive, web-based digital signage.

Kiosks provide shoppers with everything from product catalogues to a virtual wishlist, enabling them to develop customised PDF brochures of their desired products..

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